Meta Quest Pro Or Meta Quest 2? Choose the Best VR Headset

Over the years, virtual reality (VR) has improved quickly, changing how we play games and enjoy entertainment.

The Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest Pro are two of the best headsets in this category. These VR headsets have won over fans worldwide with their revolutionary technology and wide range of thrilling experiences.

In this blog, we’ll look at the main changes and similarities between the two, so you can decide which is best for you.

Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Price

Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Price
Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Price

The price difference between the Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest Pro is big. The Meta Quest 2 was first sold for an eye-popping $1499.99, but the company has since dropped the price to a more reasonable level, like $298.27 (128GB), $349.00 (256GB), while the Meta Quest Pro price is $997.44

Meta Quest Pro headset is made to be used by industry workers, making it a less user-friendly choice.

The Meta Quest Pro has color cams and better passthrough support. This makes it fun to play games like Demeo in VR. But for most VR users, this is something they can do without daily.

The Meta Quest 2 can use the new controls with the Meta Quest Pro. Considering all of this, what are the fundamental differences between the two headsets?

Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Display Quality

Meta QuestPro vs. Meta Quest 2: Display Quality
Meta QuestPro vs. Meta Quest 2: Display Quality

Both the Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets have the exact display resolution of 1832×1920 per eye. Local dimming gives the Quest Pro’s screen 75% more brightness than the Quest 2’s.

Meta’s work-focused headset has a screen with 37% more pixels and a more significant “sweet spot” for the best clarity, thanks to its new pancake lenses. This is crucial if you need to research the internet, edit papers, or write code.

The Meta Quest Pro has 37% more pixels per inch than the older Quest 2, which, despite being older, is still surprisingly sharp. Regarding VR headsets, pixels aren’t the only thing that matters.

The lenses that let you zoom in also make a big difference in how sharp the image is. The pancake lenses on the Quest Pro are much smaller, making the screen’s most sensitive part even more extensive. It’s not that the lenses on the Quest 2 are bad, but the ones on the Quest Pro are better.

The Meta Quest Pro also has a more vivid screen with a 30% wider range of colors and local fading, contrasting 75% better.

Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Performance

Meta QuestPro vs. Meta Quest 2: Performance
Meta QuestPro vs. Meta Quest 2: Performance

Since the Meta Quest 2 is two years old, it’s clear that the Meta Quest Pro has a newer processor with better speed and better graphics.

Meta said that the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR+ chip in the Quest Pro makes it 50% faster than the Quest 2. This is very important when using VR gear for work because you need to have many tabs and apps open at once.

Even though the Quest 2 is an old headset, it feels speedy. This is because games take up the whole screen, so other apps and many system tasks can be stopped.

With full access to the processor, a Quest 2 can handle more complex games and keep frame rates high without missing user input. The Meta and Quest game creators deserve much credit for putting AAA games on the old Quest 2.

Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Comfort And Design

Meta QuestPro vs. Meta Quest 2: Comfort And Design
Meta QuestPro vs. Meta Quest 2: Comfort And Design

The Quest Pro is comfortable for different people in different ways. Our study of Quest Pro found that it was one of the best and was easy to use at work.

Some reviewers differ, and after an hour or two, they say it hurts. This is true of any VR headset, but the ease of Meta’s premium headset is one of the things that makes it stand out.

Since the battery is in the back of the Quest Pro, the weight of the front visor is spread out. This makes the Quest Pro more balanced than the Quest 2. Meta says that the Quest Pro is much comfier than the Quest 2, which puts more than a pound of weight on your face if you want to use VR for several hours without stopping.

So, if you wear a Quest Pro, you’re less likely to get a VR face, which is when you get red marks on your lips and forehead from wearing a Quest 2 for a long time. This can be painful.

People have different VR headsets experiences, so this might be optional. Weight does affect long-term comfort and could avoid neck strain, so the Quest Pro’s improved head strap and weight distribution are a helpful upgrade.

Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Games

Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Games
Meta Quest Pro vs. Meta Quest 2: Games

The game titles for Quest Pro and Quest 2 are almost the same. Even though the Quest Pro has more features and better tracking, it is not better for games than the smaller Quest.

In this situation, we can’t say which one is better. Not only can the Quest 2 use the new controls from the Quest Pro, but there is little difference in how well they work.

Even though the Snapdragon XR2+ is better, the jump in speed is smaller than you might think. It has allowed Meta to add more to professional apps and mixed reality. Other than that, though, the two Quest headsets are about the same in gaming.

Which Quest Is Best For You?

Meta Quest Pro Or Meta Quest 2 which Quest Is Best For You?
Meta Quest Pro Or Meta Quest 2 which Quest Is Best For You?

The Quest Pro’s advanced display features might be insignificant when you play a bright, action-packed game like Beat Saber with simple images. Many of the most famous Quest games could look similar when played with a Quest Pro.

The more fantastic dynamic range will favor gloomy and dark games, but brilliant colors will seem better because the color gamut is 30% larger.

Action games will have better tracking for the controllers, which could make the experience better. Overall, it will be a mixed bag, with some games being much better than before and others staying about the same. So, if you want to play VR games, the Quest Pro might not be worth the extra money over a Quest 2.

The Quest Pro headset will also be better for social conversation than the Quest 2, which is something to consider. Even if none of your coworkers use VR, your friends and family might, and they would enjoy seeing your real emotions when you visit VR.

If you’re all in on VR and the metaverse, the Quest Pro is an exciting new chapter that could help you spend more time in virtual reality in comfort. The significant drop in price makes the Quest Pro look even better. The Quest 2 was the most suggested VR headset for two years. With the Meta Quest Pro, virtual reality got more interesting.


Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro are great VR headsets, so choosing between them takes a lot of work. The Quest 2 is an excellent choice for those on a budget who still want an immersive VR experience, while the Quest Pro is made for serious gamers and VR fans who wish for top-notch performance and comfort.

If money is no problem and you want the best VR, the Meta Quest Pro is the clear winner with its better resolution, refresh rate, and overall performance.

Ultimately, you should choose between the two based on your preferences, your income, and how much time you want to spend in the VR world.

No matter which one you choose, both Meta Quest headsets open up a world of immersive adventures and unique experiences that will leave you stunned.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What makes the Meta Quest Pro stand out from the Meta Quest 2?

  • With its OLED panel, higher resolution, and faster refresh rate, the Meta Quest Pro takes the VR experience to a new level. This makes the graphics pop and the gameplay very smooth.

2. Can I enjoy a smooth VR experience with both headsets?

  • Yes, each headset provides a smooth VR experience, but the Meta Quest Pro’s higher refresh rate of 90Hz means less motion sickness and a smoother virtual trip. The Quest 2’s refresh rate of 72Hz is also excellent, but if you’re sensitive to motion noise, you might like the Pro version better.

3. Which VR headset is more suitable for gaming?

  • The Meta Quest Pro is better for games because it has better graphics, a faster refresh rate, and better performance. Gamers who want the best VR experience should consider getting the Pro version.

4. Can I use both headsets for fitness and exercise games?

  • Absolutely! Fitness and workout games can be played on the Meta Quest Pro and the Meta Quest 2. They are excellent choices for virtual workouts and keeping active while having fun because they are so immersive.

5. Which VR headset should I choose: Meta Quest Pro or Meta Quest 2?

  • In all honesty, your income, personal tastes, and level of commitment to VR will determine which one you choose. If you are willing to spend money and want the best graphics, performance, and comfort, the Meta Quest Pro is the best pick. But if you want an intense VR experience but are on a tight budget, the Meta Quest 2 is a great choice that won’t disappoint you.